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Philosophy and Goals

Philosophy and Goals of the National Junior Honor Society


The National Junior Honor Society: 


1.    supports educational goals.


2.    is inclusive.


3.    involves members in significant learning experiences.


4.    provides unique opportunities for growth and development.


5.    motivates through recognition.


6.    gives students a chance to succeed.


7.    encourages a concern for social justice (right and wrong).


The Faculty Advisory Committee reviews the students’ eligibility based on report cards, disciplinary records and staff recommendations. Students are asked to submit an application to identify leadership and service qualifications. The decision of the committee is final. Students are invited for membership in the 8th grade. The induction ceremony is held in the spring.

The criteria for invitation to the NJHS are:

1.    Scholarship – Perspective inductees demonstrate a commitment to learning by attaining a 92.0 cumulative GPA. Cumulative GPA's of 91.95 and above will be rounded to 92.0. Final averages of 6th and 7th grades and the first marking period of 8th grade are used to determine the GPA.

2.    Leadership – Our future leaders personify the important positive qualities that we all strive to attain. These include demonstrating academic initiative, showing a desire to hold positions of responsibility in the school, and taking a role to promote school activities.


3.    Character – This is the quality that determines individual personality and makes each person unique. In order to become a member of the NJHS students must be honest and reliable. They are expected to follow all school rules and be courteous and respectful.

4.    Citizenship – Productive citizens demonstrate a willingness to participate in the affairs that govern our country. American citizens should show a concern for social justice in society. A well-developed sense of right and wrong is essential for all inductees.

5.    Service – All perspective NJHS members are expected to volunteer their time and effort towards meaningful activities that help others and contribute to the community in school and outside. Service is given willingly, cheerfully, and without the expectation of monetary compensation. Members donate their talents and skills for the overall improvement of society.